italian alphabet

Italian Alphabet

Learn Italian – The 21 letters of the Italian Alphabet   (plus the 5 letters used in foreign words) Letter Name Listen Example Listen A A Amore (love) B Bi Bambino (boy) C Ci Casa (house) D Di Deserto (desert) E E Essere (to be) F Effe Forza (force / power) G Gi Gruppo (group) […]

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  Ti amo! I love you! (informal)    Amore mio! My love!    Sei molto bella! You are very beautiful!    Sei molto bello! You are very handsome!    Ciao bella! Hello pretty girl!    Tu sei la mia felicitŕ! You are my happyness!    Sei tutto per me! You are everything for me!   […]

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Definite and Indefinite articles – Articuli indeterminativo ed determinativo Articles are words that precede the substantive (a noun). Definite article: used to indicate that a thing is unique in some way.   Indefinite article: used to indicate that a thing is not identified as unique. In Italian the article must agree in gender and number […]

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Number Italiano Listen 0 zero 1 uno 2 due 3 tre 4 quattro 5 cinque 6 sei 7 sette 8 otto 9 nove 10 dieci 11 undici 12 dodici 13 tredici 14 quattordici 15 quindici 16 sedici 17 diciassette 18 diciotto 19 diciannove 20 venti 30 trenta 40 quaranta 50 cinquanta 60 sessanta 70 settanta […]

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Choose How You Want To Learn Italian

Audio – The Basics of Learning Italian

AlphabetLearn how to speak the alphabet in Italian

NumbersAfter your learnt the Italian alphabet, try learning Italian numbers

Italian Verbs Verb conjugation, and soon how to speak Italian verbs

Italian Music – Translation and Audio New!

Belle SperanzeFiorella Mannoia

Strani AmoriLaura Pausini

Caruso Pavarotti

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Italian Phrases with Audio – Learn Useful Italian Phrases for Everyday Situations



Italian Love Phrases

Restaurant 1

Restaurant 2

Italian Vocabulary (with audio!)















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Verbs – Present Tense  

To Have

Best Way to Learn Italian

The beauty of the Italian language has gotten it being voted as one of the most beautiful languages of the entire universe!

Many people dream of learning Italian since it is considered a romance language. It normally sounds extremely sexy when one speaks Italian. You would want to fall in love.

Italian is a passionate language that is full of expression. Like a stunning scenery which can be gotten in the whole Italy. The combination of both brings up a sophisticated romantic appearance.

Approximately 2.7% of the world’s total population speak Italian. And most of the Italian people are often vibrant in most of their discussions.

Gianni and I

I had always admired Gianni, a classmate of mine back in high school. Gianni could speak five fluent foreign languages like she was a native speaker. And she didn’t even boast about it. I wanted that so bad. Because I loved how foreign languages like French and Italian sounded like, beautiful and romantic. And the pronunciations were icing on the cake.

I decided that after my last year of high school, I was going to enroll into an Italian language school and perfect on the little language Gianni had taught me. That was my life goal, to learn Italian adequately.

Proven useful tips that I used to learn Italian.

One fact about the Italian language is that its vocabularies are not as hard and challenging like French, yet, the language is close to Spanish and French. Having studied French in my high school, I got really encouraged even more to practice Italian.

Some of the tips are as below.

  • Psyched myself with the Italian vocabulary

Gianni led me into thinking that learning a foreign language isn’t really a big deal, by letting me know about the 2 months’ each time-frame she took to learn approximately all the five languages.

I hyped myself up into imagining that I could make Italian my official language, someday. And actually, the process of that was very fun and an enjoyable activity. It’s one of the best ways to learn Italian, since everything starts in the mind.

  • I was always persistent and listened to Italian

Acquiring foreign knowledge is a very fun activity. Especially when the learner is committed. Being persistent was my rule. After all, I discovered that persistence is the key to grasping Italian.

Learning a second language can be tough when you older and in a country where people don’t speak the language, only maybe in schools. Thus, most guys give up on the second language learning immediately they encounter their first obstacle. Like any other thing in life, when one fails, sometimes getting up and dusting oneself off can be quite a task.

I bared in my mind that success is never attained overnight. So I knew that talking Italian and listening to it frequently would enable me to master the techniques of the language, observe and appreciate my progress and growth.

  • Found time for the Lessons

There is always time for everything. Anybody who wants something must always create time for it, however much whether he or she has a tight schedule or not. Prioritizing then organizing comes in handy when trying to learn Italian, or any other foreign language, especially when it comes to time issues.

Select a proper time for the lessons. Are you a morning or afternoon or evening person? Take that into account. It certainly helps.

Next thing is the division of the courses and learning materials into equal sections for easier memorizing especially when learning the language and the Italian grammar individually.

  • Using the outcome-based learning ways

This is whereby u set goals to tackle a particular area of the Italian language one at a time. For example, setting an outcome-based goal of memorizing how to greet people in different ways in Italian. Rather than using the normal traditional learning plan of setting  goals.

The outcome based method is usually very powerful and helps in achieving the goals quite easily. You begin with a task that thrills you to accomplish.

This learning method is the best way to practice Italian.


  • Use of Online Materials to interact with a Native Italian speaker

Another best way to learn Italian is by getting a native speaker to help with the pronunciations. Since that may not be possible on a one on one basis, getting hold of the available online Italian materials is a major way to go.

The Italian pronunciations can be challenging especially with the letter R, therefore, practice speaking and listening to a native speaker is strongly advised for proper perfection. You can also opt to hear audio of the speaker articulating the words so that you don’t miss the phrases etc.

Learning through online requires one to log into an Italian learning forum section, or to an Italian site, get soft copy materials and also an Italian speaker, read the words alone first then listen keenly to the articulation and pronunciation of the very words, you may write some of the Italian vocabulary down then practice later at your own pace.

You can involve some of your friends to take you through the learning process by correcting you on the mistakes.


Why Learn Italian

Being multilingual comes with lots of advantages. First, according to research, many students concur that speaking Italian enhances professional and academic opportunities

Despite that, knowing Italian enables one to

  • Be employed by the government
  • Tour the world
  • Self-exploration and boosts personal development
  • Learning Italian enables one to continue researching for knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Learning a foreign language can be extremely fun when one decides to go down that road whole-heartedly. Some fast learners take just about a month while the very dedicated people take as few as just 3 months or less on average. It all depends on determination.

Then make sure that you practice how to learn Italian as often as possible, daily that is. Since daily reinforcement exponentially drives the learning speed.

Involve the art of immersion always. Immersion refers to understanding what you are learning and then eventually speaking it.