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1. Hellos and Greetings


 Hello! (informal) (Altough most people believe ‘Ciao’ means ‘Bye’ or ‘Goodbye’, ‘Ciao’ means both ‘Hello’ or ‘Bye’.)

 Buongiorno (Signora, Signore, Signorina).  

 Good morning, (Ms, Sir / Mr, Miss).

 Buonpormeriggio!     (not so common)

 Good afternoon!


 Good evening!


 Good night!

 Come stai?  

 How are you? (informal)

 Come sta?  

 How are you? (formal)

 Molto bene, grazie.  

 I´m fine.

 Non c’č male.  

 Not too bad.


2. Introductions

 Io mi chiamo Filippo.  

 My name is Filippo. (literally: ‘I call myself Filippo)

 Mio nome č Filippo.  

 My name is Filippo.

 Io sono Filippo.  

 I am Filippo.

 Tu come ti chiami?  

 What is your name? (informal) (literally: ‘How do you call yourself?)


 Qual’č il tuo nome?  

 What is your name? (informal)

 Come Lei si chiama? (note the capital letter in the word ‘Lei’) 

 What is your name? (formal) (literally: ‘How does you call yourself?)

 Come lui si chiama?  

 What is his name? (literally: ‘How does he call himself?)

 Come lei si chiama?  

 What is her name? (literally: ‘How does she call herself?)


 Lei si chiama Anna.  

 Her name is Anna (literally: She call herself Anna).

 Posso presentarti Maurizio?  

 May introduce you Maurizio? (informal)

 Posso presentarLe Maurizio?    (note the capital ‘L’ in ‘presentarLe’)

 May introduce you Maurizio? (formal)

 Questo č Maurizio!  

 This is Maurizio!


 Questa č Anna!  

 This is Anna!


 Ti presento Pietro!  

 I introduce you Pietro! (informal)


 Le presento Giancarlo!  

 I introduce you Giancarlo! (formal)


 Molto piacere!  

 Nice to meet you / Pleased to meet you.

3. Good-Byes


 Bye! (informal)


 Bye (informal).


 Bye (formal).

 A piů tardi.  

 See you later